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Hi folks. Hinton is one of the greatest white soul singers of the modern era- dubbed "the white Otis Redding". Another 2 disc set with 40 soft rock classics. the essential and now-defunct The CTI Never Sleeps blog a while ago,  Mar 11, 2019 '70s BubblegumFunk/Soul/Pop: Mac & Katie Kissoon – The Very Best Of Mac & Katie Kissoon: The Two Of Us (1993 BR Music) The Kissoons then embarked on a Euro-soul direction which The Aussie Music Blog. Siamrootsical was thus one of the trailblazers of this kind of mix sharing in a reggae blog format. Although he had been a major tenor saxophonist in the studios for nearly 20 years and was quite popular for his work with the Brecker Brothers, this MCA/Impulse set was Michael Brecker's first as a leader. A. 5" and platform measures and around 1. the philly soul story; wishing on a star 70s soul classics; 70s night club; rare 70s & 80s soul; jazz-funk grooves; ghetto child 1973 soul & rnb; dynamite soul the best of memphis; boogie nights 2018; cool soul juin (23) mai (3) avril (1) mars (35) février (22) janvier (62) The music of our parents. And now it's going on! This set includes the different shapes of the 70's modern soul music, sometimes sensual, sometimes with a touch of disco, but always groovy. On Wednesday, I ate raviolies and mashed patatoes for dinner. Friday, October 5, 2018. With artist interviews, album reviews, covers, samples and lyrics. But first, I ate Apple Jacks cereal for breakfast in the morning. - 70's Soul Sessions (CD 2004). The rawness of 60's Soul is still present; the roughest edges, though, have been smoothed out  Find vinyl sounds of Funk, Soul, Jazz & R&B albums from the great decades of 60s, 70s & 80s. Blog Archive . Artists include Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin, War, The Jackson 5, Rufus and so many more. With the setting being the underworld, and many of the protagonists being black, there must have been a temptation to litter the soundtrack with blaxploitation film music (The Tarantino Option, as I call it). On the three day weekend, I will meet Mr. Blues, country, soul, funk e rock psicodélico bem agregado e compactado nas mãos de bons instrumentistas, que fizeram de tudo isso um som sujo e bem marcante. Ben Liebrand (born 27 September 1960 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands) is a dance music DJ. I'm a college student who grew up two decades too late and missed out on some fantastic music. mp3 Track49. Esta recopilación contiene 215 canciones en formato Mp3 con artistas de la A a la Z, como por ejemplo ABBA, Average White Band, el gran Barry White, varias canciones de los Bee Gees, tres temas de Blondie, Chic que aporta más de seis https://rg. I also love r&b, music from the 60s and 70s, Al Green, Prince, and the list goes on and  If you've read this blog and listened to the music I've posted over the past 12 years, of vintage and contemporary New Orleans-related R&B, soul, funk and jazz. mp3 blog, that is single tracks, mostly 80s, 90s disco, new wave, RnB but also Kiwi blogger, from New Zealand that is, with mostly single tracks, from 70s RelaxMusic Community - lots of Chillout, Lounge, Electronic, Funk / Soul, Lo-fi. Motown, soul, house, old school, Neo, RnB and dance. Title: 70s Soul - Beyond The Hits Label: Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group VA -70's Soul - - Beyond The Hits (2017). Soundsofthe70s. Power Of Love 05. rar. Soul Alive aired during 1978 in New York City for an hour on WPIX channel 11 Saturday mornings at 11:00am. Just Like A Baby 11. Some videos are Soul Train. Soul Alive : '70s NYC Local Dance Show From TVparty reader Ray Mora comes an amazing find - an ultra-rare episode of Soul Alive starring WWRL radio DJ 'Golden Voice' Gerry Bledsoe. I Wanna Stay Much of the music draws from the pool of late-1960s, early-“70s soul and funk. Time Life presents Classic Soul Ballads – 10 CDs with 144 of the most beautiful, the most sensual, and the sexiest songs of all time. I like the all schools Hip Hop sounds. 80 y 90 mega* Hola Bienvenido a nuestro blog en blogspot ahora te presentare los Psych Rock / Soul Funk Funky soul from Toni Tornado – one of the first talents in Brazil's samba soul generation of the 70s! Toni's got a style that's a lot like early work by Tim Maia – a blend of American funk and soul, with traces of some of the other Brazilian arranging styles that were popular at the LP, Vinyl record album Um disco que em si, carrega bastante do "american sound" em diversas vertentes, tudo regado a muito peso e qualidade. signing 60s & 70s soul & blues legends got another shot with the labeland so did Hinton. The marabi sounds of the 1930s shebeens had their roots in ragtime music – the shebeen itself evokes memories of the US prohibition era. His radio show "In The Mix" was the first non-stop mixed show that aired on Dutch National Radio in 1983. Todd Rundgren picked up right where The Beatles and Beach Boys left off with this ultra-melodic easy listening classic. mp3 Track83. This on/off activity and the loose, transient nature of the band's line-up were reflected in the group's name. partouche. the psychedelic soul-rock, the 70s soul covers, the stunning version of  Mar 14, 2018 However, in 1969 as the soul/funk scene was really exploding and moving in Into the early 70s Whisehunt really embraced the P-Funk era,  Mar 31, 2018 Though changing times toppled the station in the later '70s, the wise this blog - I've got lots of stuff I want to share, but haven't got around to it. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Track98. The liner notes that accompany this collection note that '70s soul music has never really gotten its due. Meshay’s Out Of Control was released by Dion Entertainment out of Los Angeles CA in the later years of Boogie in 1985. mp3 Track08. mousikosdiavlos. Remember, those were the days of Last FM when free streaming was far more limited (and frustrating) over the legal web than it is today since the advent of mass-participation web radio. Some songs -- particularly the ones featuring the simmering vocals of Tanita Takiram -- lean heavier into adult-contempo, and land in similarly evocative, nocturnal territory as The Blue Nile, circa Hats. I am a nurse, but was able to take 14 years off to raise my 5 children. Tramp were a British blues band, active during the late 1960s and early 1970s on an intermittent basis. Remarque : Seul un membre de ce blog est autorisé à enregistrer un commentaire. 4 days ago A mixtape blog. Todos os links e arquivos que você encontrar no Blog, estão hospedados na própria Internet, somente indico onde se encontram, não hospedo nenhum CD ou programa que seja de distribuição ilegal. For me, this cover was a great improvement over Sweet 70s Soul. Even it's not clear at time, way back in the days, the Disco (dance music) and the Rap were very close, produced by the same people and listen by the same people. mp3 13 - Staple . All comments are moderated - but I'll try to get them up on the site as fast as possible! weGOfunk blog : funk, soul & afrogroove !! We are a french webzine specialized in funk, soul and afro grooves since 2000. All songs were released during the period 1979-1989 (This list was primarily published on www. This time to 1976 and continued on to By the '70s, psychedelic soul had evolved into a mix of protest material, aggressive funk, and gently shimmering love songs. Este CD reúne os 3 três primeiros LP's do artista (Chega De Saudade-1959, O Amor, O Sorriso E A Flor-1960 e João Gilberto-1961) mais três faixas do compacto que JG gravou para o filme Orfeu Do Carnaval (Manhã De Carnaval, O Nosso Amor e A Felicidade). to/file/eaae79e442aff43fb0f1ba612c05a3f1/Arethasc. My 70s Soul Space A total connection to the 70s music through artist tours, new music releases and articles of the great music of the 70s. html . . Mix - A L'ANCIENNE - Compilation Soul, Funk & Disco 70s & 80s Vol 14 YouTube Al Green - The definitive greatest hits (full album) - Duration: 1:16:07. Besides, if you decided to start purchasing soul-funk 70s vinyl records, this selection would probably be a very good start. To request your registration please send an email to vinylmaniapr@hotmail. I feel that it perfectly give one that mellow feeling with rainbows and hearts floating all around you. One could argue that point for days, but hubris aside, there's no denying that Can You Dig It pays serious homage to the golden years of American soul. This is another one of those songs the '70s seemed to specialize in, namely the fact that it sounds like a love song but is really a break-up tune. Catching up the feeling of the 70s full of soul, disco, jazz and some chilled and dancing moods. (nice 70s mix!) Soul y otros alimentos del alma After a run of almost one year and 300 posts, it is time for me to say farewell to Supersoulsisters. com/inscription?referrer=PTE30971523974 If you feel like a Real American in your heart, this is gonna be the Ultimate Show I would definitely do when I was 21 years old back in 1986 by playing Real Soul, Smooth Funk, Sweet Disco and Soulful Pop-Country music like this on the video below. Archives du blog 2019 (44) the most popular 80's soul, funk, jazz, r&b, hip hop & breakdance songs in hellas These are the most popular 80's songs by black artists & bands in Hellenic radio stations. bayviewsax-lostsoul. '70s BubblegumFunk/Soul/Pop: Mac & Katie Kissoon ‎– The Very Best Of Mac & Katie Kissoon: The Two Of Us (1993 BR Music) Brother and sister Gerald (Mac) and Kathleen Kissoon were both born in Port Of Spain, Trinidad and later raised in Great Britain. Whether looking for new music or rediscovering forgotten music, A Bit Like You And Me is a great place to hear old songs. Much of the music draws from the pool of late-1960s, early-'70s soul and funk. El enano trapecista 580,697 views The '70s Soul Experience (6C Harvey Mandel - Shangrenade [1973] (flac) May (100) April (58) Ethereal theme. You’ll get the deep soul music classics from the ’60s, the sweet harmonies of the ’70s, and the sexiest songs of the ’80s. Listen today! Polar Bear If you like the blog and want to support the author, then you can contact the form below. Orgy in rythm (jazz, soul, GREAT blog) · Original Funk Music (brazil, groovy funk)   Oct 23, 2016 New York may have been ground zero during the disco generation, but as most folks know, lots of the best sounds came from Philadelphia. It was released on the Impulse! record label in 1987. Rare and Obscure Music (Wordpress Edition) Rate Your Music; Soul And Funk Music (a link to rare R&B\soul music) Soul Movement (another link to rare R&B\soul music) Soul Walking (another link of rare R&B\soul music) The Isle of Deserted Pop Stars (another link to info on rare and unknown music) Anonymous said "two-tone has never, ever done anything for me" frankly, i often get the impression that on the whole, the left in the uk more or less ignored the whole two-tone movement, for however briefly it flourished. If you are an artist and would like your to be music removed please contact the site master. appreciate the journey from the late 50s r&b sound to the early/mid 70s funky vibe that they both progressed to. This sultry collection features romantic soul songs performed by the most legendary artists of our time. Yes, I know you don't like this, but unfortunately my collection of Soul Sisters records So from now on, everything I post will be on my Soulful Divas blog, which,  Oct 19, 2014 2009 five CD set. Look for the new countdown posted each Sunday. Makin' Believe That It's You 03. His father, a minister, moved the family to Memphis when Carr was very young. Read album reviews, chat with fans, Listen & Download rare  Miracles happened in the 70"s Join Sounds of the 70s on Soundcloud . Carr began singing in church at age nine, and performed with several area gospel groups in his teenage years, including the Harmony Echoes (though not, as legend had it, the Soul Stirrers). 70S SOUL JAMS Article plus récent Article plus ancien Accueil. com/inscription?referrer=PTE30971523974 https://bingo-en-ligne. 100% Blaxploitation brings together 100 original Funk and Soul tracks from the 1970s Blaxploitation era. com only 100 members will be accepted. FUNK & SOUL HEAVEN MAYBE with some help I can keep this BLOG alive??? A couple of Month ago I gave up and had planned to retire this blog but my LOVE for the Music is much much bigger! Find vinyl sounds of Funk, Soul, Jazz & R&B albums from the great decades of 60s, 70s & 80s. Post a Comment. Although her release ‘Sex Toy’ on Jam -Kru Records will stack your bank account a little higher, I feel like this cut is a little bit more of an accurate representation of the Beat Electric sound, and aesthetic. This is not funk but a very funky 70s Disco Soul - 20 grooves from 1970s and 1980s South Africa The influence of America – in particular black America – on the popular music of South Africa can never be underestimated. Amazingly, the Bar-Kays not only regrouped but prospered, evolving into a popular funk ensemble over the course of the '70s. I relive those years through this blog, by talking about anything and everything rock music related from the '60s, '70s, and '80s-- with some of "today's" music thrown in for good measure. V. Please consider the artist by buying albums, concert tickets and merchandising. Powered by R&B_Quietstorm QUIETSTORM - colloquial item for soft-sounding music, love songs A slow jam is mostly a song with an R&B-influenced melody. Il y a de tout et à tous les prix. Barry's Love (Part II) Disc 04 - Music Maestro Please (1975) 01. Spanish Lei 06. 02. Search This Blog  6/6/2019, 1:07:00 PM. com See u soon Soul People Grizz- The Soul Mixtape Blog Family Soul Story I am first and foremost a wife and mother. com a Multidimensional Blog by Soul And Funk Music Vinyl CD Records Website and Internet Radio AVRO Back To The Old School, that is specialized in seventies, eighties, nineties, and nowadays funk r&b, soul, boogie, disco, dance classics, indie music. They preferred playing live to recording in a studio so, sadly, there is not much in the way of recordings made before the band broke up in 1992 due to Skant being killed in a car accident. And of course, some producers and artist from France and England are included :) A collection of Classic Soul Music videos of Classic Soul Music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. mp3 Track20. I used to host a radio show and loved to play obscure cuts. SoulNRnB on mixcloud: SoulNRnB Check out his blog: #TheSoulMixtape Non-Stop Flight Through The 70s. Hip Hop Samples and their Soulful Predecessors While I just presented you all three playlists separately, in the order I enjoy most, these next posts maintain the order of the first two playlists but simply group the original soul song with its sample for easier comparison. Satin Soul 03. Like all outlets for creative music in modern society, my show was canceled but hey, we really needed "public affairs programming" in the midnight-1AM time slot. I love southern soul music!! . The purpose of A Bit Like You And Me is to share old, forgotten '60s music (as well as other old music) with all listeners, proving that there's more music from the past than the media would have you believe. Please post your comments on any of the songs contained. Especially since most of them exist in reissues for less than 15 Euros. If you are looking to buy bitcoins online, PAXFUL is the best source for bitcoins as it allows buying bitcoins by 100's of different payment methods, such as MoneyGram, Western Union, PayPal, Credit Cards and they even allow exchanging your gift cards for bitcoins. Just Living It Up 10. Retro Countdowns will be posted based on Billboard Soul Singles Charts archives. The results were a great selection of 50 essential albums for Soul Music lovers. You'll The Emotions - Untouched plus (1969-1974) The Stax roster was heavily male-oriented with guys like Isaac Hayes, William Bell, Eddie Floyd and Rufus Thomas. Download, listen, enjoy! monsieurwilly aka "sweet dick" WILLY. The album "Pet Sounds", is a masterpiece, the spiritual child of one of the last charismatic composers of the golden era of rock n roll, Brian Wilson. mp3 Track70. The final disc in the set (at least until 1995) was Easy 70s and is pretty much what it says. Hello followers of Vinyl Mania, because of my health condition it is difficult to carry the blog and downloads as I would like. Read album reviews, chat with fans, Listen & Download rare music pieces. 1935 ○ Earl Gaines → Hard-luck soul-blues and electric blues  Learn French with music from Ben l'Oncle Soul, Stromae, Carla Bruni and more! Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that Albums from the '60s and '70s are particularly good for this because political . My husband,Pat, is a farmer in SW Minnesota he is large on the crops and he also has over 100 cows that he calves out. Shad Shack - A Mainstream Records Fan Site - A big hello to all those who love the sound and style of those 70s Mainstream sides!Although the company's back catalogue is way deep and extends well beyo 60s-70s Soul is the theme of the week, just in time for all you Soul Weekender goers, dancers and players! A box full of 45s with some standouts in The Embers - Where Did I Go Wrong and The Millionaires - Never For Me, as well as big spins such as the Tony Fox LP, Dan Penn - Nobody's Fool and a whole bunch of albums by some of the biggest Sometimes it's easy, I saw a doku on TV about the Concorde and immediately had the idea for this show. 4 hours ago If the sweet sounds of witchy '70s rock have always made you want to embrace your inner goddess, then the Joy of Yoga's “Summer Concert  Southern Soul Blog 15 1944 Jacksonville, Fl. Always Thinking Of You 04. Of all the albums posted on Dusty Shelf this one probably features the least obscure music, as Don Voegeli's theme for National Public Radio's All Things Considered is still in use, and has been ever since the program was introduced in 1971. Paul Colourzone said. Tuesday, May 26, 2009. Tune in live every Monday 6-8pm on ourmusicradio. By then, the influence and popularity of white soul-rockers had diminished around Cincinnati due to all-pervasive disco, which dominated radio and our culture. - Can You Dig It - The '70s Soul Experience - 6CD-Box (2001) [MP3) 22 - Soul Children - Hearsay. I'm gonna try to share with you my world. Alice Clark has a rich soulful voice, with a style that sounds a bit like Esther Marrow, mixed with some of the lead vocalists in Voices Of East Harlem – a really right-on sort of sound that's totally great, and way hipper than most 70s chart soul! Cherry Red Retro Sexy Shoes a Groovy Platform Sandal of Funky Woody Flirty Heels of 1970s Fashionable the 70s Vintage Shoe Style for Fun Stylishness Charles David sandals in red a coco wedge sandal of leather with a manmade sole. A long time ago i chose my favorite soul tracks of the 70s. Back in Purple Fuzzy Groovy Rock radio Hard Rock Prog Progressive Psychedelic Psych Zippyshare narod rapidshare 320 256 backinprog Archeologia LP Band ANNONCE : Dans un premier temps, j'ai environ 300 disques french boogie à vendre (45 tours, maxis et albums). Enregistrer un commentaire. Instead of offering the usual blue-eyed soul bands with horns, local clubs hung disco globes and hired club disc jockeys. So, for about two years or so, Super Hits of the 70s stopped at volume 22 and Soul Hits of the 70s stopped at volume 20. mp3 Track17. View my complete profile https://bingo-en-ligne. com I love avant garde Jazz. Enjoy! Good Old School Music This blog is for old school music lovers. With the  May 30, 2015 V. You'll receive a total of 144 songs on 10-CDs all stored in an exclusive collector's box. Aug 25, 2018 Great albums from the 60s, 70s and 80s rock and pop released this week . Jacobs and tell him thank you for giving me THE CLASSIC MOTOWN CDs that I ever heard and ask him can he make me more CDs from the '60s and the '70s at the clinic. Heel measures about 3. Recorded in November 2004 and March 2005 in Michigan, this is the newest release from Italy's Qbico Records (Qbico 82). Over the course of several weeks, thousands of SoulTrackers nominated and then voted on the Greatest Soul Albums of the 1970s. It has her first three LPs - the 1966 debut Introducing Miss Lorraine Ellison b/w Heart & Soul and 1969's Stay with Me, both produced by Jerry Ragovoy, and the Ted Templeton-produced 1974 album Lorraine Ellison - plus various singles and sessions from the early '70s, a bunch of rarities and a whole disc of Leon Ware - The Education Of Sonny Carson OST - 1973 - United Artists A much sought-after album, and one that EMI really should thing about adding to iTunes Plus. Feb 5, 2019 Did you ever watch Soul Train during its 35-year run? For many Americans, it was a great introduction to the R&B and soul acts of the '70s and  Soul & Mod lists Mod events & Soul events. In 1982 we got a new single release from Love & Kisses, we were also promised a new LP called 'Force IV' unfortunately these were the only tracks ever released and I guess the LP must be sitting in some vault somewhere never to see the light of day. 1 2CD; Kenny Dope - Roller Boogie 80's; Funky Sensation 320; Bill Summers & Summers Heat - 1983 - London Style; THE CONTROLLERS - 1979 - next in line; THE CONTROLLERS - 1986 - Stay; 1985 - Comanchero (MAXI-SINGLE) Tonight's show full of the Soul Love as usual with old time tunes from the likes of Pleasure, TS Monk, Bobbi Humphrey, GQ, Bobby Byrd and much more over 2 hours. . While there are only a few Willie Walker 45s from the 60s and 70s, the recent flood of rare soul compilations have dug up additional dynamite tracks from Walker associated with classic labels like Goldwax, Chess, Pawn, Hi, XL and Sounds of Memphis. Mods, northern soul, vintage shops, vinyl, radio, djs, tailoring, 60s r&b, 1960s films articles & directory advertising. gr in late 2005. 80s Baby 70s Soul The samething happened when volumes 16-20 of Soul Hits of the 70s were released. 70s, beats, crate-digging, producers, rare music, samples, vinyl · Courtesy of Cameron Parker over at the Vinyl Frontier Facebook Group. Fetching a tidy sum, this album is Leon Ware's second solo foray, and first and last soundtrack effort. For this reason the blog will become private starting in August. The Best Late 70s Early 80s Disco Hits es un recopilación de Varios Artistas con canciones Disco / Dance de finales de los setenta y principio de los ochenta. Bring It On Up 02. Estos son algunos de los artistas mas destacados de la recopilación: Michael Jackson , Bee Gees , Abba , Village People , Boney M , Barry White , The On 16th of May of 1966, a music album was released in United States, that changed everything we knew until then, about pop music. 25 inches and made in Italy. Gonzalez, whose recent work has transcended the genres of jazz, has teamed up with Detroit saxophonist Bey, as well as reedmen Skeeter Shelton (son of renown Chicago drummer Ajaramu and the keyboardist/singer Amina Claudine Myers) and Mike Carey, both also from Detroit, along VA - 70s Funk'n'Soul Classics; VA - 80's Soul Classics Volume 2 - 2CD; VA-80s Soul Classics Vol 3 2CD; VA - 80's Soul Classics Vol. Yes sweet year indeed, How can you go wrong with all those trax that still play on radios all over the planet today. Previously on OPIUM HUM: Mark Isham - Castalia Mark Isham - Tibet More artful, ambient jazz from trumpeter Mark Isham. Thank you! For many soul music lovers, the Golden Age of Soul Music was in the 1970s. Theme images by timhughes. The catalyst behind psychedelic soul was Jimi Hendrix, who cut his teeth on the R&B circuit before coming into his own as a mind- and genre-bending instrumentalist who spoke to both white and black listeners. The best of soft rock from the 70s. Soul Music of the 60s & 70s: Top 1,000 Friday, September 30, 2011 #831 - Aretha Franklin: "See Saw" (1968 - #14 pop) Posted by steven at 8:53 PM No comments: 70's Soul Retro Countdown This is a blog dedicated to 70's Soul music. Finally Rhino released volumes 23-25 of Super Hits of the 70s and once again we rolled back to the clock. It's tough to go wrong with any of these, and for soul music lovers, this is a binge-worthy list Willie Walker was arguably at his vocal peak, however, in the 60s and 70s. Jazz Blogwatch Refresh page for updates!! the two Eric Burdon and War albums released at the turn of the '70s, Lorraine Ellison is almost a perfect cult soul Bordel do Rock Especializado em rock setentista. Southern Soul Paradise . Only You Can Make Me Blue 08. Something's Got A Hold Of Me, The Soul Singers . Climb into the Concorde and fly with me into the 70s. Street Sounds UK does not claim any ownership of any of the media displayed on this web page. You Make Me Feel Like This (When You Touch Me) 07. It was a decade of political turmoil around the world, but also one of incredible creativity, as artists took control of their careers and addressed both social issues and issues of the heart in new ways. My Heart Cries Oh: Rare Soul from the 60s and 70s In the liner notes to the cd (see my post from several years back) that accompanied the publication of his sublime book Sweet Soul Music, Gurlanick talks about interviewing a dj named Skippy White who told Guralnick not to overlook all of the less well-know soul acts in his book, as they were an James Carr was born June 13, 1942, in Coahoma County, MS. View my complete profile Now, all the most romantic soul hits are together in one music collection. blogspot. The reason for checking in today is to report that despite the paucity of recent posts, Web traffic over the last couple of months has advanced the blog’s lifetime readership past another impressive milestone—as of this writing, Every ’70s Movie has received more than 4 million page views. Including cuts from  Soul,Funk,Jazz,Disco,Boogie,Mellow Groove,Rare Groove,Nu-Disco,House,Edits Music,Philly Soul,Sound,AOR,Yacht Rock. Apr 25, 2010 including some of my best-loved soul faves like Willie Hutch's The Mack, and 70s and appeared on dozens of albums spanning genres from jazz . is that really the case? and if so, why do you think that was? or is this simply a generational thing--people who are now in their mid to late thirties simply have no Michael Brecker is the debut album by American saxophonist Michael Brecker. It would be much appreciated if you support the artists and buy their media. I am listening a lot of soul jazz lately, some nuggets are included here. CD1 Feb 28, 2014 Please visit the new Sounds Of The Soul blog . If the respective copyrighted owners wishes for their media to be removed please feel free to e-mail us. Initially a funky instrumental soul combo on Stax/Volt, the Bar-Kays were nearly destroyed when most of the band perished in the same plane crash that claimed Otis Redding. Ironically, the group was from Detroit (the home of Motown, their onetime label) but closely identified by the Philadelphia Soul sound because their biggest hits were produced by Thom Bell. I hope you will enjoy this set and the cover. Dreaming 09. Jul 8, 2018 Ultimate Funk & Soul Blog. Yes, I know you don't like this, but unfortunately my collection of Soul Sisters records has its limitations and I am running out of goodies to post. If you like 60's 70's 80's 90's Funk, R&B, and Soul music. Dedicated to share free Nu jazz, downtempo, acid jazz, funk, future jazz, soul, fusion albums and live shows. Have some fun and best wishes! Joe The Spinners were incredibly successful for much of the 1970s after toiling in obscurity for most of the 1960s. I then returned to a hospice nurse position after my son, John, started school. Yellow Daisy Doll Costume a 1960s Retro 1970s Daises Disco Dolls are Blooming 70s Flowerful Flirty of 60s Groovy Baby blogspot. Search This Blog  Oct 15, 2017 This Blog is ONLY to promote and spread the real classic & original FUNK throughout the world. In the mid-70s, they began a long association with Ry Cooder on record and  Jun 19, 2013 Soul Alive : '70s NYC Local Dance Show Soul Alive aired during 1978 in New York City for an hour on WPIX channel 11 . Sounds of the 70s original Accuphase vinyl ripping machine. m Of course, there are endless Miles Davis tracks from this period with Hancock on rhodes, and I didn't want to get bogged down there, but I've included 1968's "Stuff" because you can hear Hancock in transition, using the Rhodes in a raw state, referencing his acoustic piano style while he learns the new instrument. Soul sisters had a tough time at Stax, for whatever reason: aside from Carla, there was Mable John, Judy Clay, Shirley Brown and Ruby Johnson. Looking for the best place to hear Classic Soul music for free online? Choose from our unique selection of stations that are bound to please. mp3 Track37. Worth the price of admission. The media displayed is for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. VA - Disco 70s - The Best es una recopilación de Various Artists con lo mejor de la música Disco repartido en 100 canciones inolvidables y con mas de ocho horas de música en su interior. Playing in a quintet with guitarist Pat Metheny, keyboa Soul of the ’70s has all of your favorite soul hits from the 1970s in one beautifully-packaged CD collection from Time Life. mp3 Track88. Break open the champagne and light the candles because Body + Soul brings together the greatest late night jams from the '60s, '70s and '80s. I gathered here some nice piece of 70s music to warm your home (and soul) now that cold is coming. blogspot, authority in authenticity. Here are 100 soul-funk 70s bombs, great classics for connoisseurs but also real pearls to be urgently discovered by beginners. 70s soul blogspot

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